Has God called you to write a Christian non-fiction book, but you just don't know how to start?

You may be ...

  • Struggling to overcome self-doubt and fear of rejection
  • Feeling isolated and unsupported in your writing journey
  • Lacking access to resources and guidance from a published author
  • Feeling frustrated with not making progress towards your writing goals
  • Feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start
  • Doubting your own writing ability
  • Struggling to find time to write consistently

Perhaps you need someone who understands this process to guide you through each milestone of your journey.

I'd be honored to be a part of your book writing success.

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Hi, I’m Shonda Whitworth!

I've been honing my writing craft since 2008 when I attended my first Christian writer's conference.

I've written hundreds of articles for blogs, online columns, newspapers, and magazines. In 2013, I self-published a Bible study called, Wild Grace: Experiencing Your Spiritual Splendor, which is presently unpublished. In 2020, my book, Appeal to the Courtroom of Heaven: Petitions for Prisoners and Prison Families was released by Iron Stream Media.

For several years, I served on staff with a writer's conference as an assistant editor and conference staff at the annual conference.

For nine years, I worked as Production Manager for two Christian publishers where my responsibilities were to work with authors, editors, agents, typesetters, and cover designers to take the manuscript and turn it into a book--both print and ebooks, so they were ready for the market place.

I have helped hundreds of authors make their dream of publishing a book a reality.